The project

New hybrid and electric cars must emit an artificial sound as from this year as a safety measure. The news made us wonder, what if the Acoustic Vehicle Alert Systems could contribute to the environment besides being functional?
Let us find an answer to this question with technology. Let us introduce The Hy Project.

Sound freq

Global research on how noise affects plants shows that they react to specific waveform spectrum vibrations. When exposed to a specific range of frequencies, plants show better growth and absorption of nutrients. With this information in mind, we've developed The Hy Project, the first AVAS sound that benefits the environment.

Applied tech

We've developed the device to implement Hy in any vehicle. Its microprocessor is capable of dynamically change the sound of the car to match its speed.

Cristina Zubillaga
Cristina Zubillaga
Sustainable & Smart Cities Consultant
Santiago Tarallo
Santiago Tarallo
Ayax/Curcio Capital
Guzmán Calzada
Guzman Calzada
Sound Designer
Juan Ciapessoni
Juan Ciapessoni
Co-Founder & Head of Innovation
The Electric Factory Group